MSU Chapel of Memories + The Hewlett Stables Wedding | Starkville, MS | Savannah + Marq

Mississippi , November 15, 2017

Dear Savannah + Marq,

I think I will be hard pressed to find a couple who is as quick to laugh and have a good time as you two are.  All day the two of you were bubbling over with delight. When you finally joined hands at the alter, the joy was palpable. I hope your wedding day was everything you dreamed it would be, and that your long awaited honeymoon was the trip of a lifetime.

Cheers to you both,


Most of the time, the opening photo on a blog post, particularly a wedding post, is not the bride during the in-between stages of getting her hair done. It’s usually not the most photogenic of times and very few want to remember what they look like mid styling. But then most aren’t as quick to laugh as Savannah is. And she laughed like that all day.

While Savannah had her girls with her while getting hair and makeup, she only wanted her mom’s help while she was getting in her dress. Unbeknownst her, Savannah had a gift for her mom  that made it a challenge to keep her eyes dry.

Savannah, you are stunning.

Savannah’s dad passed away before she was able to marry the love of her life. But she choose to honor his memory with a pendant on her bouquet while Marq wore his cufflinks.

Oh Savannah, you have got to be one of the most joyful people I have ever met.

And Marq, he was beaming all day.

Whenever brides tell me that they really want their man to cry as she makes her entrance down the aisle, I’m always a little nervous. Emotionally reacting while in a church, in a suit, in front of hundreds of eyes balls minuets before you promise your life to some is a lot of pressure. But as you can see, Marq gave Savannah her wish. 🙂

The photo below just kills me.

I don’t know if I will even have another bride who laughs as quickly as Savannah does.

And they are HUSBAND + WIFE!!!

And people, pick a bridal party you can have fun with.

You two are stunners.

During the parent dances, Savannah had her aunt bring her grandma out so they could all dance together. And there were no dry eyes.

And then, the party began.

Savannah + Marq, I cannot thank you enough for letting me be your wedding photographer. It was truly and honor, and I hope these photos bring joy for all your years to come.

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