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Alabama , March 1, 2017

I was recently asked if I could have an unlimited budget for one area of my life, what would it be. Without a second thought, I said travel.  And, seeing that I’m in the Northwest this week, I figured it would be a good time to recap my favorite travels from the last year. There was a quick trip to the beach, and multiple trips to see family.  One of the greatest blessings of working from home is that I can literary work anywhere (provided there is wifi), and scheduling a week out of town isn’t a big deal.

One of my goals this year for traveling is to do at least one (that’s right one), weekend getaway with Matt. Now, I know that sounds like a rather pathetic goal but between his studying and my work schedule, it seems like it requires the movement of heaven and earth to get away. So, I’m hoping it can happen at least one time this year. The other bit of travel news that I am super excited about is that Matt and I are going with friends to Europe for two weeks in June. We are stoked. We are going to England, Ireland, and Scotland so if you have any suggestions of things to see, places to eat, etc, please let me know! Now, enough ramblings, and on to the photos!


Timberline Ski Lodge + Resort | February 2016 | Film

Seaside Oregon<br /> © Nikki McKenzie Photography

Seaside, Oregon | February 2016 | Digital

Seaside, Oregon | February 2016 | Digital


Astoria, Oregon | February 2016 | Film


Multnomah Falls | February 2016 | Film


The Grilled Cheese Grill, Portland Oregon | February 2016 | Film


Destin, Florida | April 2016 | Film


Smith Lake, Alabama | July 2016 | Film

Newport Beach, California | January 2016 | Film

**all film images processed by Indie Film Lab

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