Best of Weddings 2016 | Bride + Groom Portraits

Alabama , January 25, 2017

The photos I ended up loving the most were the ones that speak to who the bride and groom are both collectively and individually. I find that in some ways, the setting is neither here nor there. It’s all about them, and their chemistry. The quite sereneness of a groom as he held his bride, the adoration in her face. A quiet moment of relief, of realization for all the has occurred, and a joyous anticipation for what will. A kiss of delight, of passion, and merriment. The act of leading, of supporting, of following. All these couples portrayed the beauty that makes a marriage that wonder that it is.


Mississppi Mueseum of Art, Jackson, Mississippi

Old Waverly, West Point, Mississippi

The Antler, Tupelo, Mississippi

Research Park, Mississippi State Univserity

Meadowview Baptist Church, Starkville, Mississippi

First Baptist Chapel, Starkville, Mississippi

Chapel of Memories, Mississippi State University

First Presbyterian Church, Meridian MS

Private Estate, Wedowee Alabama

Episcopal Church of the Resurrection, Starkville, Mississippi

16:10 January 25, 2017

Such a great blog

    Nikki McKenzie
    18:32 January 25, 2017

    Thank you so much Chantal - I've enjoyed creating it!

Claire Sorrenson
16:14 January 25, 2017

Gorgeous! I love what you do with black & white.

    Nikki McKenzie
    18:33 January 25, 2017

    Thank you Claire. I could honestly edit in black and white only. It's just so timeless and beautiful.

16:19 January 25, 2017

Looks like a great year

    Nikki McKenzie
    18:33 January 25, 2017

    It truly was. Thank you, Helen!

Beth Bell
15:40 February 1, 2017

Love reliving Michael and Claire's special day thru your blog but also seeing all of the special days for other couples too! :)


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