Ward Family Session | Louisville, MS

family , December 8, 2016

Hannah and Jeremy,

Thank you so much for inviting me out to your family’s land to photograph you all. You and your boys are beautiful, full of life, and such a pleasure to be around. I appreciate you fitting me into your schedule; I know this time of year is busy.

Cheers to you all!


These boys… oh you guys, you will smile as you look at these photos. But, before we get to the boys, their parents deserve their own photo because with them, there would be no them.

Also, does anyone else think that Hannah looks like Kayley Cuoco?

This is Miller. He is three and said that he would like a kitty named Buttercup for Christmas.

And this is Cliff. Cliff is 5 and would like a monster truck.

And together, Cliff and Miller are equal parts fun and trouble. 😉

And many props to Hannah for bringing bubbles along to the shoot because let’s face it, having photos taking is only so interesting.

Also, how gorgeous is Jeremy’s family’s land?

I’ll end with this one because it is just too gorgeous. (I think you guys should order a big canvas of this for your living room, as well as one for grandparent’s living room for Christmas presents!)

Thanks for having out with me! I had fun. 🙂

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