Happy Birthday, Cameron!

family , June 1, 2016

Oh Cam,

You are too much, you with your wild curls, beaming smile, and darling eyes. The photos and videos your mom sends to us are watched on repeat and shared with many. Someone has yet to watch the video of you snuggling your panda, Po without responding “awe……. he’s so precious!” As far as expressions go, you are king. I can’t help but wonder if it’s conscious on your part or it’s just happening. You’ve already given your mom a run for her money, and no doubt you will keep on doing so. Clearly you’re smart. And the fact that you look at the gate the covers the fireplace and reach your chubby little fingers out to touch it, check to see if a parent is watching, then pull your hand away at the last possible instance seems to indicate a strong will and stubborn personality, proof that though you look just like your dad, you’ve got some Robertson blood in your veins. You are so loved, bud. More than you’ll ever know.

With lots of love, hugs, and kisses,

Aunty Nikki


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